About the key card

QCan I use Suica to charge my Niseko internet lift ticket?

ANo. You need a compatible IC card (also the key card for lift access) to do so.

QIs the 1,000 yen refundable?

ANo. This is not a deposit and will not be refunded.

QHow do I receive the key card?

AYou need to pick up at Welcome center in Niseko Grand HIRAFU. No international mailing service available for Niseko internet lift ticket.
Please pay a 1000 yen in cash when you arrive at Welcome center to collect.

Types of lift ticket

QFor 10-hr, 20-hr and 30-hr lift tickets, how is the time utilisation calculated?

AUtilisation is calculated per hourly basis.
The key card is activated when you pass through the first lift gate where 1 hour is deducted upfront. You can use any lift during this hour. After 1 hour, the 2nd hour will be deducted when you pass through the next lift gate. The time calculation will only restart after more than one hour elapse since passing through a gate.

QWhat is the validity period for 10-hr, 20-hr and 30-hr lift tickets?

AThe lift tickets purchased this season is only valid for this season and cannot be carried forward to the next season.

QHow do I know how much time is left on my lift ticket?

AYou can check the time left on your ticket on the electronic display each time you pass through the lift gate. Also, you can bring your key card and enquire at any lift ticket sale counter.
Other ways of enquiry are via phone or email. Unfortunately, you will be unable to check the time left on your ticket via the internet.

Recharge of lift tickets

QIs it possible to top up the hours on my lift ticket?

AYes you will be able to top up the hours on your lift ticket any time during the season. Method of recharge is the same as purchasing your lift ticket via the internet. Please note that you are only able to recharge your lift ticket via the internet. Please note that the electronic lift gate will display the original remaining time left on your lift ticket even after the recharge. Top up hours from the recharge will only be displayed after you have fully utilized the remaining time on the original lift ticket.

QWhat happens if my ticket runs out of hours during skiing?

ARecharge of lift tickets is only possible via the internet. You require internet access to recharge your lift ticket. You may find the nearest internet access at Hirafu Welcome Centre.

QAfter recharging my lift ticket on the internet, when can I start utilising the hours?

AYou may have to wait up to 15 minutes for the recharge hours to be updated onto the server to your lift ticket.

QIs it possible to recharge my lift ticket via the internet on my mobile phone/ smart phone?

ADepends. The recharge website is only compatible to PC and some smart phones.

About Niseko United shuttle bus service

QHow does the internet lift ticket works for the shuttle bus service?

AYou can board the shuttle bus using your ticket as long as there is remaining time left in your ticket.

QWill 1 hour be deducted from my lift ticket when I take the shuttle bus?

ANo. There is no deduction.




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