Internet Lift Tickets

New offer from Niseko United

Avoid having to go to the lift ticket office when you arrive by buying your lift ticket in advance.

Convenient system

Convenient Ticket Options
2018 – 19 Season
  • 10 hours/¥15,000 — 20 hours/¥27,000 — 30 hours/¥39,000
  • For Internet Lift Ticket, we have only 10hr, 20hr or 30hr

There are no elementary school, junior or senior prices available with Internet Lift Tickets.
Internet Lift Tickets may not be used for Snowsports Lessons or any other commercial use.

Please refer to Niseko United Snowsports School Accreditation System for details.

For new users

Step1. Become a registered member to obtain a special lift ticket (¥1,000)

• There is no need to apply if you already have a IC card.

*New application for 2018-19 season has closed by Mar. 21, 2019.

Please note:

  • Lift keycards purchased through the Internet and used until last year can be recharged and reused during the current season.
  • However, the time remaining from the previous season cannot be used.
  • For those who have a green coloured Internet lift ticket, from the 2018-19 season this will no longer be valid. Please bring this to any lift ticket window or information counter and we will swap this to a newer ticket. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • We cannot replace purchased cards if they are lost or damaged prior to being recharged. In such a case, please fill out the application for a new card.
  • For cards lost after recharging, please ask at the lift ticket office (please note: the lift ticket office cannot recharge keycards).
  • You may not apply for multiple cards with one application. The owner’s personal details are required for reissuing lost cards, dealing with data problems, etc., so please fill out one application per person.
  • You must purchase a member’s only keycard that we will send to you.
  • There is no deposit system in place, so we will not return the deposit for the card. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  • Please store the lift ticket you are planning to use separately from any other tickets: since the sensor is on the left side of the gate, please store the other tickets in pockets on your right side, or wrap them in aluminum foil.
    (Aluminum foil is available at the ticket booth and the information center in Niseko Grand HIRAFU).
  • The card may not be used during lessons from snow sport instructors.
  • Please refer to Niseko United Snowsports School Affiliation System for details.

Step2. Charge the lift ticket once you have received your IC Card.

Register your IC card and personal details from the link below, charge your credit card with the desired amount and your IC card can be used as a lift ticket anywhere in Niseko.

∗Please refer to Niseko United Snowsports School Accreditation System for details.

Please note:

  • We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and JCB.
  • Apple Macintosh users may not be able to use this service depending on the version of OS and browser.
  • You may purchase tickets for family members under the one login account. (This can be done by one representative email address and credit card.)

Step3. Once you arrive in Niseko

You can avoid lines at the ticket window and head straight for the lifts, there is also no need to bring extra cash!


  • You can charge extra hours to your card anytime over the internet.
  • Check the remaining time on the lift gate indicator or by asking the ticket office staff.
  • Please note that the electronic lift gate will display the original remaining time left on your lift ticket even after the recharge.
  • Top up hours from the recharge will only be displayed after you have fully utilized the remaining time on the original lift ticket.



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