November, 13th 2018

Niseko Rule [Crossing Boundary ropes is prohibited]

  • 01.Strictly NO ENTRY in prohibited areas at ANY TIME for ANY REASON.
  • 02.Crossing boundry ropes is strictly prohibited. Use the
    designated gates when going out of boundaries.
  • 03.No ski patrol outside the ski areas. Leave boundaries at your own risk.
  • 04.Gates will close if conditions deemes dangerous. Out of boundary skiing is prohibited when gates are closed.
  • 05.For official information on mountain conditions, please refer to “Niseko Avalanche Information” or
  • 06.YOU WILL BE CHARGED for search and rescue efforts outside boundaries.
  • 07.All users both in and out of boundaries must obey the ski patrol’s authority at all times.
  • 08.Children under 12 must refrain from going out of bounds unless accompanied by a proficient adult leader.
  • 09.Niseko Resorts and the local community respect the freedom of mountain users and place a strong emphasis on THE SAGE USAGE of the mountain.
  • Any violators of the Niseko Rules will have their lift pass confiscated.
  • All expenses brought about by search and rescue efforts outside the ski area will be requested.
    (\100,000 minimum)
  • Many avalanches occur in furing blizzards in areas where snowy overhangs occur.

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