Dear Guided Photography Business Operators23-24

NFP has introduced “Guided Photography Business Commercial Season Pass” for those business operators who wish to perform commercial photography activities within the NISEKO UNITED ski area. Please refer to the below terms & conditions and make sure to purchase the Photographer Guiding Season Pass.

Guided Photography Business Commercial
2023-24 Season Pass: 140,000 yen (incl. tax)


1. This Pass Must be Purchased if you;
Have a business based in the Niseko area, perform photo shooting within the NISEKO UNITED ski area and commercially trade those taken photos for financial reward to visitors of the NISEKO UNITED ski area.


A) Photographers accompanying school trips.
B) Photographers based outside the Niseko area, visiting Niseko temporarily upon request from guest.
C) Photo shootings not aimed to be commercially sold to the photographic subject. (Photo shootings for magazines, landscape photos etc.)

2. Guided Photography Business Commercial Season’s Pass will be issued to individuals with the individuals name and photograph embedded in the pass. The pass is not transferrable or refundable.

3. Guided Photography Business Five-day Commercial Pass is 71,300 yen (including tax).

A) The five-day commercial pass is valid for the entire 2023-2024 season and can be used on non-consecutive days.

B) This pass will be fully transferable. The pass does not require a person’s name or photo for issuance, but will display the name of the applicant Guided photography business.

C) A Guided photography business can purchase any number of five-day commercial passes, but only up to a maximum of the same number of commercial season’s passes that the Guided photography businesss has purchased.

D) A five-day commercial pass may be renewed after expiry, subject to the maximum purchase limits as defined in point C) above.

4. Prohibited acts

Individuals, groups or businesses will not be permitted to conduct any form of Guided photography business for reward within the Niseko United ski areas without first obtaining the necessary NFP affiliation approval as outlined above.

Whether affiliated or not, it is not permitted to;

A) Tout for business and/or engage in any form of publicity within a NISEKO UNITED ski are. A business or individual must not advertise (brochures, website etc.) that guided photography service is available at any NFP member ski area without first obtaining permission from that ski area. This includes the generic term “NISEKO UNITED” ski area.

B) Conducting any form of commercial act besides guided photography with this pass is strictly prohibited.



  • NISEKO Annupuri
  • NISEKO Village
  • Grand HIRAFU


  • Ikon
  • Mountain



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