NISEKO UNITED Snowsports & Guiding School Affiliation System 2019 – 2020

NISEKO UNITED Snowsports & Guiding School Affiliation System 2019 – 2020

1. Introduction

The Niseko Free Passport Committee (NFP) has determined that Snowsports Schools (Ski and Snowboard) and Guiding businesses not directly aligned to or owned by an NFP member lift company must now become formally affiliated by the NFP in order to use the NISEKO UNITED (Annupuri, Niseko Village, Grand Hirafu, Hanazono) lift network. The aim is to ensure that the quality of ski field experience in Niseko continues to improve and that the enjoyment and safety of guests is maintained at all times.

As such, the NFP has established a formal NISEKO UNITED Snowsports & Guiding School Affiliation System for third-party Snowsports Schools and/or Guiding businesses (i.e. those not owned or directly associated with NFP members) in order to become recognized as a NISEKO UNITED Affiliated Snowsports and Guiding School.

Please note that it is not possible to operate a Snowsports School or Guiding businesss within the NISEKO UNITED ski resort boundary without becoming formally affiliated by the NFP.

2. Affected parties

Any group, business or person which is employed by, or intends to operate, a Snowsports School or Guiding business (which includes a guided photography business) within the NISEKO UNITED ski area for financial reward.

3. Affiliation requirements

The NFP members have determined that the following affiliation requirements will be implemented as from the 2019-2020 winter season:

4. 2019 – 2020 Commercial pass pricing

5.Application process

Applicant Snowsports Schools and Guiding businesses will be required to submit a NISEKO UNITED Snowsports & Guiding School Affiliation System application in the required format not later than one week prior to the intended commencement of the applicant’s Snowsports School or Guiding business. The applicant must submit their application to the NISEKO UNITED NFP member where they will most frequently start or operate from.

∗Note: Hanazono and Niseko village ski areas will not allow a lesson commencement point to be established or advertised at the Hanazono or Niseko Village ski areas under any circumstances.

Application requirements are as follows:

The NFP member which originally received the applicant’s application must be immediately advised of any changes/updates to an applicant’s business and staff levels.

Please note that affiliation of applicants will be at the sole discretion of NFP members. Once affiliated, applicants will then be able to purchase NISEKO UNITED Commercial Lift Passes for all staff members (in uniform) and instructors and guides as shown in the applicant’s application.

6.Prohibited acts

Individuals, groups or businesses will not be permitted to conduct any form of Snowsports School or Guiding business for reward within the Niseko United ski areas without first obtaining the necessary NFP affiliation approval as outlined above.

Whether affiliated or not, it is not permitted to:

Under no circumstances will any individual or business be permitted to use any form of lift pass other than a NISEKO UNITED Commercial Lift Pass for the conduct of snow sports lessons or guiding services within the NISEKO UNITED ski areas for financial reward. This will be legally effected under the Cableway Business Transportation Agreement, which applies to all purchasers of lift passes within the NISEKO UNITED ski areas.


Affiliation will not be required under the following circumstances:

8.Enforcement procedures

The NFP members understand that eligible Snowsports Schools and Guiding businesses expect that their investment in commercial lift passes is respected and protected. As such, the NFP will engage a minimum of one full time Lift Pass Observers to determine whether correct lift passes are being used in the correct situations. These Observers will be each carry a “hand-scanner”, which will be able to remotely determine:

The hand-scanner will be able to store this data for downloading and future reference.

If the Observer believes that an incorrect lift ticket is being used, the affected person will be handed a copy of a “Consultation Request” document, together with reference to the NISEKO UNITED Snowsports & Guiding School Affiliation System. There shall be no further in-situ engagement or confrontation with that person. It is then incumbent on that person to arrange a meeting with an NFP member within 48 hours of detection to prove that the correct lift pass is in use.

If that person does not arrange a meeting within 48 hours, then their lift pass will be automatically cancelled.

Providing that person responds Lift Pass Observerswithin 48 hours and attends the meeting, then the following outcomes will be possible::

If a person is reported for the second time, then the following will occur:

Providing that person responds within 48 hours and attends the meeting, then the following outcomes will be possible:

Affiliated Snowsports Schools and Guiding businesses should note that if any of their staff members are caught without the correct lift pass and/or badge, the NFP reserves the right to cancel all lift passes issued to that Snowsports School or Guiding business, without refund.

Affiliated Snowsports Schools and Guiding businesses are encouraged to identify persons they believe are operating illegally to the NFP Lift Pass Observers. The Lift Pass Observers will then gather data on those individuals lift passes and report the lift pass details to NFP members.





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