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ニセコなだれ情報 第78号 Niseko Avalanche Info No.78





雪庇 の成長は非常に大きい。予想よりはるか手前で破断する。近寄ってはならない。下敷きになると悲惨なことになるので雪庇下にいてはならない。観察、各データの評価から一般的斜面の雪崩リスクは低く樹林帯以下の雪は素晴らしく良い。雪庇下の谷地形、急な落ち込み(ノール)を避けること。




Niseko base 6.00am: -8°, 5cm new snow. Moiwa 800m: -13°, NW12m/s, 20cm new snow, cornice development. Annupuri 1150m: -16°, NW20m/s, 30cm new snow, cornice and snowdrift development. Hirafu 1250m: -18°, SW10m/s, 20cm new snow. Coastal data: Benkei Cape: NNW15m/s. Kamui Cape: WNW13m/s, 1013hPa, wave 2.2m.


We are in the middle of a typical winter weather pattern and a westerly snow wind 10-15m/s is blowing above 800m on west side, cornices and snowdrifts are slowly becoming very large. Snowdrift development is not uniform and breaks easy from an inconsistent surface. Beware of cornice collapse or rider stimulated avalanche at following locations: Mikaeri bowl cornice slope, Osawa cornice slope, Kozan no sawa side wall cornice slope, Fujihara no sawa cornice slope and Higashi One cornice slope.


Cornice growth is has been massive and they are breaking much further back than you would expect. Do not get too close, if you go down with one when it collapses you will get hurt, or worse. From observation and data, the general avalanche risk is low. Below the tree line in the forest snow is good. Avoid the valley terrain under cornices and steep knolls.


Gate opening is yet undecided and dependant on lift operation. Please listen to the patrols advice. Entering strictly off limits areas is prohibited under Niseko Rules. Do not duck ropes to go out of bounds. Beacons are recommended, they may save your or your friends life. Beware bad visibility and frostbite. Have a good day.

For more information visit Niseko Avalanche Information.

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