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What is Skiline ?

Skiline, the new skiing experience.

With automated lift gates, your skiing day can be captured on record.

You can view on your smartphone at any time your traveled vertical meters during your ski day, the number of lifts ridden, slope kilometers and vertical meters on the Skiline Altitude Diagram ! You can invite friends, create a ski team, enter competitions, shoot movies, upload photos and share information in the community ! Be part of the new skiing experience today !

Skiline makes skiing even more fun !

Lift Ride Graph Image

1. Skiline Registration Guide

Go to homepage.

You may select your desired language display from the top left corner.

Click on "Create account" at the top of the page.

  • (1) Fill in your personal details as required.
  • (2) Check the box "I accept the declaration of approval as shown below".
  • (3) Click "Register". A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Note: Your email address can only be registered once.

A confirmation email from will be sent to you.

Click on the link "Confirm my registration" to complete your registration.
If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL provided to access the link.

Your registered name will be displayed. Registration is successful when your registered name is displayed.

2. Using Skiline — How to register

Go to homepage.

Login your account.

An error page will appear if you enter a wrong email address or password. After entering your login details, click "Login".

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There are different types of lift tickets.

If your ticket is similar to the display here, enter the number at the bottom of the ticket.

For internet lift ticket, enter the transaction number provided in the confirmation email sent after the purchase.

Click on "Request skiline".

Click on "Other tickets" if your ticket is similar to the display here.

Enter the number on the ticket as per instructions (without the last digit).

Click on "Request skiline".

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