The greenest month of the year – June in Niseko

June, 16th 2023

Niseko really starts to feel like summer during June. The snow has melted (except for a few patches on Mt. Yotei) and the landscape has burst with vibrant green growth all around. June marks the start of most of your favorite summer activities as well.

Hiking and Nature Walks

June marks the arrival of summer in Niseko, and the mountains and trails are alive with vibrant colors and fragrant blossoms. Lace-up your hiking boots as the snow has finally melted off of the hiking trails. The wildflowers are blooming on the ridges and the temperatures are still mild. Alternatively, enjoy a stroll at Hangetsu Ko (Half Moon Lake) or Shinsen Numa (Shinsen Marsh).

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Niseko’s summer unveils a network of scenic cycling routes, making it a paradise for bike enthusiasts. June’s mild temperatures make it the perfect month to ride, and events such as the Niseko Classic are held during this time of year. E-bike rentals have become increasingly popular for those looking for a more relaxing ride. Niseko’s mountain bike scene is rapidly growing as well, with new trails being developed every year. Initiatives for mtb growth are led by both the resorts and NAMBA. 

On the water

As the weather warms up, water activities become more accessible. Niseko has long been a rafting destination in Japan. The spring snowmelt has slowed down, and the Shiribetsu River has become a relaxing and scenic ride in the sun. Lake Toya is an easy day trip for SUPing, and the Sea of Japan in Shakotan is a renowned destination for sea kayaking. Take your pick for fun on the water!

Culture and relaxation

Niseko is home to a plethora of art galleries that are begging to be explored. Niseko’s powerful natural landscape has inspired artists of many mediums and styles long before the area was famous for powder skiing. Drop by the new Niseko Distillery for a tour and a taste. Or, simply unwind in one of the many natural hot springs dotted through the green summer scenery.




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