Niseko’s Vibrant Summer Festivals & Events This Green Season

June, 29th 2024

Mountain Lights And Fire Goddess Performance

When the weather heats up in Niseko, it’s time to get outdoors and celebrate the summer – and that’s where matsuri come in. Matsuri are traditional Japanese summer festivals that are bright, loud and colourful celebrations held in towns, villages and shrines across the region. 

In between the matsuri are a range of events with something for everyone, from sporting events to outdoor cinemas. Take a look at some of the main events below and arrange your Niseko summer holiday around the events that appeal to you and your travel party!

Niseko Expedition – 5 to 7 July

To kick off summer, this is one for serious athletes and adventure seekers! A 36-hour, 200km race through Niseko’s mountainous landscape featuring trekking, mountain biking, packrafting and canyoning. The adventure sets off from Hilton Niseko Village. Go to for more details.

Fireworks at Hanazono – 6 July to 21 September

It’s not summer in Japan without fireworks. At Niseko Hanazono Resort, a fireworks display will take place on the slopes on select days in July, August and September. With the interactive art installation Mountain Lights as the backdrop, this is an unforgettable Niseko-only experience. Check the dates at Niseko Hanazono Resort’s website.

Niko Niko Summer Festival – 13 to 14 July

With tasty food, live performances, and fireworks, Niseko Village’s summer festival, “Niko Niko Summer Festival”, is not to be missed. Enjoy the Japanese festival atmosphere in the traditional-style village area of Niseko-yo. Go to Niseko Village’s website for more details.

Mountain Lights And Fire Goddess Performance – 13 July to 21 September

The Mountain Lights and Fire Goddess Performance pairs a Hokkaido indigenous Ainu performance and music with a fire dance on a mesmerising stage like no other. Making it even more spectacular is that it will be staged alongside Hanazono’s surreal light art installation, Mountain Lights. Check performance dates at Niseko Hanazono Resort’s website.

Niseko Hirafu Green Park – 13 July to 1 September

During the Niseko Hirafu Green Park event period, Hirafu Central Park, right next to Grand Hirafu Ski Resort, will transform with skateboard parks, a farmers’ market, and even an outdoor movie theatre at night from 13 July to 1 September. Go check out this link for more details.

Kutchan Potato Festival – 3 to 4 August

One of Kutchan Town’s specialty products is potatoes, and every year the Kutchan Jaga Matsuri (Kutchan Potato Festival), celebrates this humble vegetable with a classic Japanese-style festival. Enjoy the jaga dance, fireworks and of course plenty of fantastic local food and drink! Go check out this link for more details.

Hanazono Hill Climb – 4 August

The Hanazono Niseko Hill Climb is a bike race that attracts cyclists from all over the country. It takes place on the same weekend as the Kutchan Potato Festival. Participants start in the middle of downtown Kutchan, which is covered in festival decorations, before climbing up into the Annupuri mountain range. Registration is open until 5 July at

Hirafu Festival – 23 to 24 August

The Hirafu Festival – or Hirafu Matsuri – is a summer event many locals look forward to, featuring a mochi rice cake-catching event, lots of food and drinks, and live music performances. The festival ends with a traditional drum performance and fireworks, making it enjoyable from morning to night over two days. Go to for more details.

Niseko Gravel Autumn Ride – 21 to 22 September

The Niseko Gravel Autumn Ride is a fun event where you can explore winding gravel mountain roads on gravel or mountain bikes. Take in Niseko’s picturesque scenery and challenge yourself on this uphill and down dale ride. Registration is open until 6 September at




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