9 Ways to Enjoy the Ski Mountain Via Gondola in the Green Season

July, 14th 2023

With vibrant-colored greenery and Mt Yotei soaring in the sky, Niseko is a beauty during the summer. There are many ways to appreciate this season, but for those who are looking for an exceptional experience, using the gondola is a great option. Hanazono and Annupuri ski resorts will be operating their gondolas this summer, so buckle up for some unforgettable memories! Here is a list of fun activities you can enjoy using the gondola.

1. Enjoy the view and feel nature

Riding the gondola is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Niseko and experience nature without working up a sweat. The gondola will take you up Mt Annupuri, unveiling a grand panoramic view of the mountains and farmlands of Niseko. Once you get off the gondola, let the fresh cool breeze welcome you to the world of greenery.

2. Trekking

Looking to move your body, but not too intensely? Many visitors use the Annupuri gondola to help them trek to the mountain’s summit. It’s a wonderful way to exercise and immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by alpine flowers and shrubs. Moreover, reaching the very top offers that rewarding view, especially after a short hike!

3. Taking Photos

Whether you are an amateur iPhone photography whizz, a social media influencer, or a professional photographer, there are some amazing photos to be taken from the top of the mountain. On a clear day, you can see both the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean, as well as a 360-degree view of all the mountains and landscapes in the area. 

4. Eating!

Eating in a completely different environment than usual is always an exciting way to enjoy your time. At Hanazono, you have the option to grab food from the café HANAZONO 308 or Park Hyatt and enjoy it in the gondola. Alternatively, you can savor your own food and snacks on the mountain while admiring nature. There’s no doubt your food will taste even better than usual!

5. Hanazono’s zipline: HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT

Hanazono’s zipline is a must-try for those seeking an electrifying summer experience. Ride the gondola to the starting point with a guide, and descend the mountain in the most thrilling way possible. The longest zipline, “MACH 3”, spans an impressive 1700 meters and can reach speeds of up to 110 km per hour! With two parallel ziplines, you and your family or friends can experience the excitement at the same time.

6. Hanazono’s Mountain Lights

Hanazono’s Mountain Lights is a large art installation of lights on the slopes, designed by British artist Bruce Munro. You can enjoy the display from the gondola, and take a leisurely stroll along the installation after the ride. The mesmerizing belt of light, stretching 1300 meters long, will illuminate the foot of the slopes at night, taking you to a world of enchantment. 

7. Fireworks

Hanazono is planning several fireworks displays this summer, and watching them from the gondola will be an exceptional experience. With the mountain lights and the fireworks illuminating the sky and ground simultaneously, the views will be absolutely mesmerizing!

8. Have fun with your dog!

Great news for dog owners! Both Hanazono and Annupuri allow dogs in the gondola! Have a memorable time with your furry friends and let them experience the greenery of Niseko alongside you. Additionally, Annupuri has a dog run at the foot of the mountain. No doubt this will be the highlight of the trip for your furry friends!

9. Yoga, meditation… Be creative!

There are countless possibilities on the mountain – yoga, meditation, and anything else you can imagine. Is there anything that comes to mind for you, something you’d like to do high up the mountain? Go ahead and embrace it, and make the most of your time! Check Niseko Yoga Fest for details of on-mountain yoga events this year.

Niseko Annupuri Gondola

Operating Times: 9:00 ~ 16:00 (last uphill ride)

Operating Dates: 7/15 ~ 10/15 (Check here for the operating dates)

Hanazono Gondola

Operating Times: 9:00 ~ 16:00 (last ride)

Operating Dates: 4/29 ~ 10/15




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