Introducing You To My Niseko Village with Ski Instructor Satoshi-Sensei

January, 25th 2024

Satoshi Nakagawa, originally from Sapporo City, is a ski instructor at Niseko Village Snow School (NVSS). This is his 21st year as an instructor, and his 11th year at Niseko Village.

What is the best thing about Niseko Village?

The courses are rich in technical features, and both the powder areas and groomed slopes are excellent!

What is your favourite ski course and off-piste course?

I like the freshly groomed Wonderland Course you can access from the lift located at the very top of the resort. It’s great because I can enjoy long and short turns while looking at the scenery near the mountain top.

My favourite off-piste course is G11, Mizuno no Sawa. It’s a special management area, so you can safely enjoy one of the longest powder areas in Japan.

What is your favourite lift?

Definitely the Niseko Gondola. I use it to go near the mountain top, and it’s conveniently located right outside the Hilton Hotel.

Have you got any tips for people to make the most out of Niseko Village?

I think you can enjoy it in two ways depending on the weather. On snowy days, you can enjoy long powder runs from the Superstition, and on sunny days, you can carve your tracks across the wide groomed slopes.

Is there a secret or something not many people know about Niseko Village?

Niseko Village is not only recommended for the winter season but also for summer. There are two golf courses in Niseko Village where you can play immersed in beautiful greenery, and at the adventure facility called PURE, you can experience various activities. It’s enjoyable throughout the four seasons.

What is the best place for grabbing snacks and lunch?

For breaks, I like to sit on the comfy sofas at The Flame, Bar and Lounge in the Hilton Hotel and warm up with a rich-tasting hot chocolate.

Recommended for lunch is Melt, Bar and Grill on the second floor of Hilton Hotel. There are several types of salads, pizzas, pastas, and burgers, and the Melt’s burger comes with a voluminous patty topped with foie gras pâté. This season, new restaurants have opened in NISEKO-YO, so I’m looking forward to having lunch there too.

Lastly, is there anything you’re looking forward to this season?

On sunny days, I enjoy the view from the top of the Wonderland Chair. You can see the majestic Mt. Yotei right in front, offering a breathtaking panoramic view.




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