8 Things To Do In Niseko This Summer

May, 29th 2024

Although not as many people know about Niseko’s summer season compared to its winter, it is filled with sprouting greenery, picturesque scenery, and a whole variety of activities that allow you to enjoy the beauty of this area. Here’s a list of 8 things you can do in Niseko this summer to make the most out of your experience.

1. Summer Gondola

Riding the summer gondola is one of the best ways to enjoy the vast panoramic views of Niseko. Niseko Hanazono Resort, Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU, and Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area will all be operating their gondolas this summer. Hop on with your family, friends, or even your furry companion to enjoy the refreshing breeze atop Mt. Annupuri!

Niseko Hanazono Resort: 27 April to 6 October

Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU: 13 July to 23 September

Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area: 13 July to 14 October

2. Ziplining

Ziplining is one of the thrilling options in Niseko if you’re looking for something exciting to do during your stay. Niseko Hanazono Resort’s HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT is one of the world’s longest, with a total zip tour distance of 2,591m. Niseko Village’s zipline, located in its nature experience ground “Pure,” offers amazing views of nature as you fly through a 1,400m course.

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT: 27 April to 6 October 

Niseko Village: 1 July to 14 October

3. Tree Trekking

Ever wanted to challenge yourself on an obstacle course? Tree trekking is a type of obstacle course roped high up in the trees where you can test your courage and physical ability with your family and friends. Both Niseko Hanazono Resort and Niseko Village’s ‘Pure’ offer a thrilling tree trekking experience that is not to be missed!

Niseko Hanazono Resort: 27 April to 6 October

Niseko Village: 1 July to 14 October

4. Biking: Mountain Bike &  Bike Rentals

Biking is one of the recommended activities for enjoying the majestic nature of Niseko in the summer. Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU offers a mountain bike course on its slopes, accessible by gondola. You can also rent an e-bike from Niseko Hanazono Resort’s Niseko Sports and Niseko Village to explore the green-filled landscapes of Niseko!

Niseko Tokyu Grand HIRAFU: 13 July to 23 September

Niseko Hanazono Resort’s Niseko Sports: 27 April to 6 October

Niseko Village: early April to end of October

5. Golf

Niseko Village’s Niseko Golf Course

Golfing with Niseko’s mountain range in the background can be an experience like no other. Both Niseko Hanazono Resort and Niseko Village offer beautiful green golf courses with 18 holes with a majestic view of Mt Yotei. Its unique location offers a variety of courses from hills to woodlands.

Niseko Hanazono Resort: 3 May to 4 November

Niseko Village: 25 April to 10 November

6. Rafting

Niseko’s Shiribetsu River is classified as one of the cleanest rivers in Japan, and rafting is a popular way to enjoy its vast beauty. Niseko Hanazono Resort offers a 3-hour rafting tour down the clear river surrounded by trees and lush greenery. Good news for travellers with dogs – your furry friend is also welcome on the chartered boats!

27 April to 6 October

7. Canyoning

Want to physically challenge yourself, explore nature, and make a long-lasting memory with your family and friends? Niseko Hanazono Resort is offering a canyoning experience where you can explore canyons, slide, swim, and jump in a 6m deep pool. Prepare for a 3.5 hour adrenaline-fuelled adventure!

13 July to 8 September

8. Mountain Lights

Niseko Hanazono Resort’s Mountain Lights is not to be missed if you are looking for something to do at night, whether it’s for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a rejuvenation trip with friends. Designed by British light artist Bruce Munro, the mesmerising light art installation at Niseko Hanazono Resort spans 1.3 km up the ski slopes. 

This year, two new large-scale works will be added to the installation. The world of light, which was previously monochromatic, will now change with vivid colours, and original mystical music will be added to the background. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve visited before, look forward to the third season of Mountain Lights.

1 July to 6 October




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