Take A Ski Break! Adventure & Luxury Off The Ski Slopes

December, 29th 2023

While skiing and snowboarding is at the top of the list on Niseko’s go-to winter activities, there’s a whole world of unique experiences waiting to be discovered! From thrilling snowmobile tours to enchanting snowshoe tours perfect for non-skiers, Niseko offers something for everyone. Here’s a list of winter activities in Niseko beyond the slopes.

1. Snowmobile Tours

If you’re a thrill-seeker, going on a snowmobile adventure tour can be one of the best ways to spend your off-slope days. Learn to ride a snowmobile and traverse some of the most beautiful snowy landscapes, accompanied by family and friends, including children. Both Niseko Hanazono Resort and Niseko Village are offering these tours, so be sure to check them out.

2. Snow Rafting

Suited for all age groups, snow rafting is an exciting activity that can only be experienced in snowy places like Niseko. Offered by both Niseko Hanazono Resort and Niseko Village, this adventure involves hopping onto a raft pulled by a snowmobile. Enjoy the exhilarating speed as you glide over the snow with your family.

3. Luxury Snowshoe Tour

Snowshoeing is a popular activity in areas with heavy snowfall, like Niseko. Looking to elevate the experience? Niseko Hanazono Resort is offering the DIAMOND X Private Snowshoe Tour, which features a luxury break with snacks and drinks from Park Hyatt Niseko, complemented by toasting marshmallows by the fire.

4. Luxury Snowcat Experience

Experience the white mountains and forests of Weissehorn with Niseko Hanazono Resort’s DIAMOND X SnowCat Experience. This backcountry mountain, traditionally a favorite of skiers and snowboarders, is now accessible to non-skiers/snowboarders as well. Enjoy a private summit ascent with our snowcat, and savour a break featuring Park Hyatt Niseko’s signature beverages and pastries.

5. Galaxy of Kidz – Indoor Kids Adventure Area

Having fun outdoors in the snow is amazing, but sometimes you might want to warm up indoors. Then head to Niseko Hanazono Resort’s Galaxy of Kids. This safe indoor adventure area is complete with nets, ball pools, floating trails, and a climbing zone. Your children are sure to have an amazing time, while you relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the side.

6. Tube Park

Snow tubing, especially suited for children, is a family-friendly activity where you slide down a slope with a tube. Niseko Hanazono Resort boasts a dedicated tube park, perfect for families seeking safe activities for young children. With no reservation required, take your children to the park for this ultimate snow fun experience.

7. Jumbo Snow Sledding Tour

Accommodating up to six people, the custom-built jumbo sled at Niseko Village will take you on a magical tour around the natural landscape of Niseko. Perfect for families of all ages, hop onto the sled and create unforgettable memories with everyone on board!

8. Winter Horse Riding

Horse riding is always fun but what more unique a location than the deep snow of Niseko. Niseko Hanazono Resort offers a horse-riding tour at the foot of Mt Yotei. With well-trained horses, even first-timers can learn to ride and enjoy the majestic view. Experience the serene beauty of Niseko from the backs of these gentle creatures.

9. Horse-drawn Sled

Riding on a horse-drawn sled in the snow can be a unique and memorable experience too. Niseko Village’s horse-drawn sled tour will take you around the pristine snowy landscapes of Niseko. Climb aboard for a wonderful time and enjoy the winter wonderland.

10. Winter Zipflight

Jump on Asia’s longest zipline for an electrifying winter adventure, offered by Niseko Hanazono Resort starting from mid-March. Spanning a total distance of 1700 meters in the winter, it reaches speeds up to 110km/h (approximately 68mph) as you zip through a forest blanketed with over 4 meters of snow. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes!




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