Local autumn harvest in Niseko – A food lover’s delight

September, 21st 2021

Niseko Autumn Food Festival

The best place to find the highest concentration of local food! Unfortunately, the 2021 Niseko Autumn Food Festival was canceled due to the extended State of Emergency in Hokkaido. However, mark your calendars for September 2022 because this event is here to stay. NAFF is a culmination of everything there is to love about Niseko in autumn – crisp and clear weather, a plethora of local produce, drinks, live music, and of course, people!

Michi no eki – Road stations

“Michi no eki” or road stations can be found all around Japan and are known to carry local delicacies and souvenirs from that region. Our favorite michi no eki in the Niseko area? Niseko View Plaza! You will find Niseko locals shopping here year-round to find the best price on fresh local produce. Autumn is the height of the harvest season in Niseko so you can expect the highest quality of vegetables and fruits at the lowest prices. Pumpkins, squash, cherry tomatoes, corn, flowers, potatoes, beans, broccoli, eggplant, and the list goes on. If you fancy cooking your own meals with fresh ingredients then this is as good as it gets!

Autumn at Niseko View Plaza

Seafood in Hokkaido

You might not think of Niseko as a town by the sea, but actually, there are coastlines in close proximity in all directions. Even in a country as famous for seafood as Japan, Hokkaido is known for its seafood. Shellfish in particular! You can find this seafood locally in Niseko’s restaurants and markets. If you have time, a short drive will take you to a beautiful coastline and the source of the tasty bounty from the sea. Crab in Oshamambe, oysters in Suttsu, shrimp in Yoichi, and sea urchin in Shakotan to name a few. Have you tried sea urchin before? In Japanese, it is called “uni” and it is a delicacy.

Hokkaido uni

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