The 5 best hikes in Niseko

August, 17th 2019

hiking mt yotei niseko japan

The symbol of Niseko: Mt. Yotei

Once the snow melts, hiking season begins! Niseko is an ideal place to stay for those who like to trek. Boasting a long hiking season all the way from spring through autumn when the snow starts falling, Niseko has many options and seasons to enjoy a trek. You don’t need to go far either! Read on to learn about 5 hikes in the Niseko vicinity. 

Mt. Yotei

The symbol of Niseko. Why wouldn’t you want to climb it?! This big and beautiful volcano isn’t the easiest hike in the area, but it could be the most rewarding. There are several routes to the top, with the easiest starting near Makari town. Experienced and strong hikers can reach the peak in about 4.5 hours, while it may take others longer. So prepare for a big day on the trail of about 8 hours.  A hut near the summit’s crater allows for the option to sleep near the top and wake up to one of the best sunrises you will ever see. Clear days hold incredible 360-degree panoramic views up top.

Mt. Niseko-Annuprui

The peak of the Niseko United Ski Resorts. Many visit Annuprui’s summit during winter and drop in to some of the deepest powder runs of their lives. In summer it is a lovely trek. A short drive around the backside of the mountains will take you to the trailhead starting near Goshiki Onsen. This intermediate-level hike is not long and is good for families and those who are less experienced.  The summit brags the best view of Mt. Yotei, as well as being able to see the Sea of Japan!

hiking mt iwaonupuri niseko japan

Volcanic rock near the peak of Iwaonupuri


A popular winter backcountry skiing and snowboarding area, Mt. Iwaonupuri is one of the easiest hikes to a mountain peak in Niseko’s green season. Starting from Goshiki Onsen, this short but relatively steep trek can take experienced hikers just 1 hour to reach the summit. Hikers are rewarded with brown volcanic peaks, a glimpse of Mt. Yotei, a clear view of the Sea of Japan and the ridge of peaks of the Annupuri mountain range. The best part? Finishing the hike and relaxing your sore muscles in the onsen.

hiking shiribetsu dake niseko japan

Hiking up the ridge of Shiribetsu Dake


A beautifully shaped conical mountain, Shiribetsu Dake lies just behind Mt. Yotei from the Niseko United Ski Resorts. Just a short drive takes you to the trailhead near Route 257. This dynamic hike is not long but allows trekkers to enjoy wide fields and sharp ridges as they climb. There are a few steeper sections where ropes are offered for support, so this hike is not recommended for beginners or small children. Seasoned hikers can reach the top in around 2 hours. The reward is worth the walk, as Lake Toya and the surrounding mountain ranges can easily be appreciated.

mt tarumae hiking hiroki ueda

The smoking crown of Mount Tarumae

Mount Tarumae

Part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park, Mount Tarumae sits on the edge of the majestic Shikotsu Lake. Just over 1 hour driving from Niseko makes this trek an easy day trip. The hike itself is not difficult, and will only take 1.5 hours for most to reach the top. However, outdoor-lovers will be excited to see the unique natural features. Mount Tarumae is an active volcano that is consistently blasting out smoke! A rocky, crown-like peak protrudes from the relatively flat plateau of the top. In contrast to your brown and rocky surroundings, you are given views of the lush green lowlands, Lake Shikotsu, and even the Pacific Ocean.

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